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In this article I will bring you years of experience in law and auto insurance issues in terms of accident problems and problems faced with insurance companies
And especially the insurance companies are the best
Is universal insurance the best or pay extra money only
We will deal with almost everything related to insurance until you become a lawyer and insurance companies will not be able to install you again
Our talk will be long because it deals with all aspects of insurance and years of experience so excuse us along the article and try not to leave any information because you will need it and you will pay money for this information that I give you free

In particular, to make sure that you're not victimize the second time and the reason knowing
that we're having that information before ، an accident is hugely important.It's because once the accident happens, you can't go back and fix this. And in all deals with what type of insurance

coverage you purchase you have on your vehicle, I think people make the mistake of saying, when they purchase insurance, they make the
mistake of only buying liability insurance coverage.

insurance is cheap, right?
And, is all relatively, you know you don't have a lot of extra iPhonemoney, it's easy to not
buy uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. It's easy to not buy a medical payments coverage, It's even easy to not buy a collision coverage. Because you think you know, I look at I mean, I'm a good driver I don't expect that you know I will cause an accident so that means the person who's at fault for the accident can damages my car or hurts me.

They will be responsible for paying for these things for fixing my car for compensating me for my injuries And that's true, all of that is 100% true. What gets missed is this, and that is lots
of people are driving around out there with absolutely no auto insurance coverage at all And I realized that's against the law.

Every State that I know that has a law that says, you must have auto insurance coverage.
But, that doesn't change the fact that there

are plenty of people who ignore that law,because one primarily I would guess because they just don't have the money for insurance coverage and they don't get coverage.And if you get hit by one of those people, and all you have is liability coverage, there
will be absolutely no money to pay to fix your car.There would be absolutely no money to pay for your medical care and there would be absolutely no money to compensate you for your paying,
your suffering your injuries your loss time from work or any of those things.That most people don't realized is a problem until after you've been in an accident.

And then it's too late You know, you can't go and purchase those
coverages after the fact. So you have to have it ahead of time.
And so I would urge everybody who listens to this to go get a copy of your car insurance policy and look at what's called the declarations page or the dec page, and see what kind of coverages you have And look at whether or not you have uninsured motorist coverage underinsured motorist coverage look at whether or not you have medical payments coverage, and look at whether or not you have collision coverage, in addition to your liability coverage.

If you don't have these other coverages, you really need to consider getting them And so, I'm going to walk through each type
of coverage briefly, so you understand why it's important Liability coverage is very important to protect you if you ever cause an accident and hurt
somebody.You know, in particular if you have assets it's very very important.You know even if you don't have assets again you can go everybody can take a step back
and say "Why do I needed if other people 

don't have car insurance qute?
It's expensive I can't afford it so I'm just not going to get it."
You knowledge well one problem is that is against the law so you get actually get a ticket. I mean you're not going to go to jail for
it, but you can get a ticket for it and have to pay a fine. 

And it's an expensive fine too
Realtools if you caused an accident, the peace of mind of knowing that you're going to be
protected and covered by your insurance company if that other person decides to sue you I think it's huge It really is You know you don't want to get have a judgement against you.

You don't want to have to personally pay this person if they were to come after you personally
if you didn't have car insurance.
And that's what liability coverage is for So it's important it to protect you if you're at fault for an accident and if you hurt somebody. 

The other type of insurance is very important It's collision coverage. And really, it's listed in policies, I think
in two ways as listed as both comprehensive and collision coverage. But there's a difference between the two. The comprehensive coverage covers your car if it's stolen. That's what gets you a reimbursed by the insurance carrier or get you a new car.

As a comprehensive insurance coverage if your car were to catch on fire for some reason,that's what covers it. If you're to get stuck, let's say in a big wash, let's say you know here in Tucson
and even in Phoenix you know when you get beat some rains if the inside of your car were to get flooded somehow, it's a comprehensive coverage that generally pays to fix it or
Buying you a new car.

Not the collision coverage,because you haven't been involved in an accident. Collision coverage is just that. Collision coverage exist to both fix your vehicle, buy you a new vehicle if it's wrecked in an accident and then also fix somebody else's vehicle if you're involved in an accident
and you harm them. But that's actually part of your liability

So, the separate collision coverage really kicks into cover your vehicle.

And it's very important, because we see client after client, or I've seen lots of clients over the years who didn't have collision coverage turns out, when it's all said and done, the accident were actually was my client’s fault.
And now, they have no way to get their vehicle fix and, you know, and they're out of luck,
because they didn't have collision coverage. Or they've been hit by somebody who's uninsured,
and my client didn't have collision coverage. And so there's still in a place where there's
no quick way to get their vehicle fix, to get a new vehicle.
Yes, you can go sue the party who's at fault, who didn't have any insurance, but you know
get what do you going to get out of somebody who doesn't have any money, and the answer typically is not a lot. And so collision coverage protects you under
all of those circumstances.

In medical payments coverage, that is basically no fault coverage that's available in any no fault States. Now keep in mind there around the country there are no fault insurance States in insurance
functions a little bit differently on those States than it does in Arizona. And so but in medical payments coverage certainly
in the State of Arizona exist to pay your medical bills.
Even if you have health insurance that pays those bills, most of the time you can make a medical payments claim and your medical payments policy will actually compensate you for the total of your medical bills.

So, you actually compensated in addition that in your bills paid by health insurance.

And so, medical payments coverage is important. It's not as important I think, is some as
the other coverages as collision coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. But in general, it's pretty inexpensive. When you buy  car insurance policy ', the most
expensive parts of that policy or the liability coverage in the collision, comprehensive collision
coverage. So, if you have a $600 bill for 6 months’ worth of insurance coverage, this is just
the ballpark, but in you know most of the policies I see, the vast majority of it.

So, let's ballpark at 500 of the $600, the vast majority of that $600 simply goes for that liability and collision coverage.
So, you've paid just have those coverages you've paid most of portion to be. If you add medical payments coverage, that's
$5,000 worth of coverage or $10,000 or $25,000,
it's relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of things, for the coverage that you get.

And so certainly worth looking at it's worth considering and take it with this in mind I hear lots of people tell me when they talk
to an insurance agent, the agent says to them,"Oh, if you have health insurance, you don't
need medical payments coverage.
“I don't insurance agent accurate and I think insurance agent say that to people, because
overall, insurance company don't make a much money of, of premium you pay for medical payments
coverage. And overall, they end up paying out a lot of money, because of those claims.

So, they don't make a lot of money and they have to pay all out a lot of money, so the insurance company line is, whenever they can get you to agree is it you don't need it. Keep in mind if you have health insurance,

even if you have health insurance there are benefits having medical payments coverage.

It's something worth considering depending on your situation.
Now, two coverage that I think are hugely important that, I think everybody needs are uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. And they generally sold separately. Some insurance companies kind of selling them
as a package together. But nowadays, most insurance companies sell them separately. Hugely important, if you have both uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage.
And, if your insurance agent tells you, you don't need them, I wouldn't buy it, you know, because I think you do. If you tell you simply say your insurance agent or your insurance company I want full
coverage, you need to specifically ask and make sure that full coverage includes uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Because sometimes they try to pass off liability
and comprehensive collision coverage as full coverage you know. And so you want uninsured/underinsured motorist

The reason you want is this like I said', there are lots of drivers out there who don't have insurance. Even if it is law  they don't have it, and if you get hit by one of those drivers, it's
your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
that will compensate you for your medical bills, for your injuries, for your lost time from work. It basically steps in to the same place the at fault person's liability coverage would
be, and it when they don't have it. And it's important because we see client after client after client who's in an accident,
who's hurt who’s hurt badly, who deserves to be compensated, and it turns out they're hit somebody who doesn't have insurance coverage,
and our client doesn't have uninsured motorist coverage, and they're stuck, they're out of
luck. And keep in mind, this is also very important, your uninsured motorist coverage follows you.

So, if you're in a pedestrian, you're walking across a street and you get hit by a car, even though you're not driving your car, you'r euninsured motorist coverage will actually apply to that accident.
If you're riding a bike, if your bicycle, and you get hit by a car, your uninsured motorist coverage will apply to that accident, and so will your medical payments coverage for that matter. If you're a passenger in a friend's car or relative's car and you get into an accident, even though you weren't in your car, your
uninsured motorist coverage and your med pay will both apply to that accident.

They're very good coverages to have. And I can tell you, I mean, I look at policy after policy and a reasonably good uninsured motorist coverage portion of the policy generally cost something like $15-$20 every 6 months, that's it. So it's worth adding to your regular coverages.
Now, keep in mind, most insurance companies won't sell you more uninsured motorist coverage
or more underinsured motorist coverage a bigger policy limit than you have for you liability
coverage Just keep that in mind.

The more liability coverage you buy, the more uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage you can buy.
But, uninsured motorist coverages is very very important, because it does kick in a lot of significant amount of time.

And again, insurance agents don't like to sell it, insurance companies don't like to
sell it, because they make very little money out of it in premiums and they end up paying out on it over and over and over again.
But, it's very important, I think everybody's got to have uninsured motorist coverage, I think it's a must. And I think it's a must have as much as you can possibly afford. I mean, at years ago after starting my firm and handling car accident cases for a number of years, I went out and purchase the biggest liability insurance policy I could afford, because I wanted to get as much uninsured/underinsured
motorist coverage as I possibly could in order to protect me and my family.

That is how strongly I believe in it, that is how important I think it is. Now, underinsured motorist coverage is really in that same thing, but where it applies is
when you were in a car accident, the car accident wasn't your fault and the person that hit have insurance, but they just didn't have enough to fairly compensate you. So, let's say, you're in a car accident, you have pretty significant injury, let's say,
you break your leg and have to have surgery on your led and have a case that maybe worth 2 or $300,000 or more. And the driver that hit you only has $25,000
worth of liability coverage.
If you don't have underinsured motorist coverage, all you're going to collect on is a $25,000.
That's it. Even though your case is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Underinsured motorist coverage comes into play when the driver who hurt, the person who hurt didn't have, doesn't have enough insurance to fairly compensate you. So, you would then go, you would collect under the example I gave you, the $25,000 policy
from the at fault driver.

And then, you would go make your underinsured motorist claim with your insurance policy and they would pay you in addition to that
$25,000. So, if you then have a hundred and thousand
dollars’ worth of underinsured motorist coverage and your case is worth a couple of hundred and thousand dollars, You’ll get
the 25 from the at fault party and the hundred from your underinsured motorist claim. That's a big deal.
You still not being, you know, fully compensated with a $125,000, let's say, instead of 200,
but that extra hundred and thousand is a big difference. And, that's coming from you and the polic that you purchase, and that's why you purchase that policy. You know, some people, I have clients who really kind of get upset and they say,


Why should my insurance pay out on this?

The accident wasn't my fault."
And, the answer is well that's why you bought, either uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.
And because you bought it, now it's time to pay out, because it's serves its purpose, and it's hugely, hugely important. most people who I see, quite honestly, who are full compensated for their injuries are fully compensated, because they have a good
either underinsured or uninsured motorist policy, until you flat out and know on certain terms.
Most people why see or our clients or ours who get fully compensated, only get fully compensated, because they have the insurance.
Even that, you know, they're getting something from the at fault party, but most people just
don't carry the insurance coverages that they should, and if you're the one who's hurt, you're the one who gets assure a mistake.

So, you need to put this coverages in place before an accident ever happens, it's very, very important. 

And so, that is something I think that's huge,
that is something insurance coverage is something I want to discuss with anybody.
That's how strongly I believe in this, because having the right insurance coverages for yourself
personally, that's what going to make sure you get fully compensated if you're hurt in
an accident and the accident isn't your fault. Now, chapter two on my book really covers insurance coverages in pretty good details.

And so, we've covered it in a reasonably good way here in my show this week, but it is worth
to read. It is worth having the information and then it is worth doing more research on the different types of coverages on your own, because it's very, very important.  So, I appreciate you're tuning in today and
listening to my show. Again this is Doug Zanes and this is my personal injury legal tips show.
I do it every week, and so I look forward            

In the end I would like to thank you for completing the article and I apologize that I looked at you, but I liked to convey my years of experience in this area so as not to be confused in choosing the plans that suit you and do not need lawyers and more money
Thank you for your time '

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