Geico and Gecko is a comedy flavored success story. Learn about the details of geico auto insurance quote's success with her funny ads

 Geico auto insurance quote

Are you insured ask yourself that
question something want to happen and you on the road and you didn't know what to do and your car wasn't sure what would happen well that's why Geico auto insurance quote comes comes
to save the day and this is not a
sponsored video don't worry I just like Geico auto insurance quote  don't worry because they have great commercials don't worry
so guys today we're gonna be reacting to some of the best if not the best Geico auto insurance quote  commercials of all time right directly

on the Geico auto insurance quote  website we have a lot of
commercials to react to right here today because you know what I want to I want to do this because it's fun and Geico auto insurance quote is adorable and you know the gecko for Geico auto insurance quote he's my little bean he's my little beet so let's get reacting to of these commercials and give some commentary sweet sweet commentary to make sure that
you guys are insured let's go

I know you can do it what day is it Mike what day Leslie guess what today is what day is it it's hump day get it couldinjured coyote or folks who save hundreds of dollars switching the Geico auto insurance quote  I'm his first female the first time it came out
it could save you 15% or more I'm on the first video came out I remember when hump day first came out I was so young when I first came out how everyone
really loved it how it made newsworthy how it became like a meme in itself and how many people called Wednesday hump
day the reason that they call it that is because it's in the middle of the week it's like the skip first up the aero-sub load up but because he's a camel it makes sense it makes sense so that was commercial number one a super number two has a store for us right but a talking gecko why I'll tell you why 

because people trust advertising
icons very true bloke tells you to go to Geico auto insurance quote and you're like really and just a might you don't want cause of him a gecko he can be trusted very true I ask if you want to market a Zonk RV chanson you're not yes thank you
mind babysitting my kids yeah  no I'm not course I'll sit with the kids course you're not gonna brother to me Geico auto insurance quote  15 minutes could save you 15% or
more on car insurance you so the reason behind him in his character he was so true people trust avatars and icons but just true which is a great marketing way which is why I miss cat squad we have our little dragon icon and yeah more about her later on I'll tell you more about her later on she's cool she's cool

but yeah people trust that more it's a great branding type of thing so if
anything you want to learn about always come up with cute little icons of branded the slick adoarbleness just adorableness to it and him he himself when you look at him you look adorable I trust you you want it's like I trust you with my with my car and with everything else that Geico auto insurance quote  does support with us soyou know I it's like you could trust him because he's he's a gecko automaticall you think wow my life is in your hands small cute one thang

let's call the reality show awesome how was film - is exactly like a reality show oh my mom what it will save you any money on car insurance Geico auto insurance quote  15 minutes could save you 15% or more how that is filmed is exactly how a lot of reality shows our film that's like the poor type of quality to wait it's all like you got new look is like ait looks like there's some kind of like overlay on top of air some kind of camera was used that that was funny imagine living in a house with each other real like trying to escape it just you want to make it omelet you can't make an omelet a house like that heck no but burn the whole house down let's move on

it's called spy learn voice 1 I remember this one reminds me about Burn Notice which I love
good Shell's recommended actually
they're worse time it's what you do if you want to save food but I want that to become ovations you switch to Geico auto insurance quote it's
what you do where are you it's very loud Zumba class sometimes be able to show up burden notice is a great show if you guys haven't checked it out already please do put it on your list I I washed up when I was a kid and yeah I used to
love the shows when I was like growing up and everything but I remind me of that lots of I did enjoy it

and what's funny is whenever when I first saw that commercial when it first was on TV I automatically because in Jersey you got a lot of Geico auto insurance quote  commercials too but what
if we're solid I was like oh my god this would make a perfect a perfect type of movie and yeah if like I would love for them to expand that commercial into something else because it's it's a lot it's it's just fun it's funny because it's like he's going through action and jam-packed event was going on he's beating the bad guys and suddenly his mom calls it's like Peter Parker moment
from from spider-man when Aunt May calls all the time got that - yes fantastic if you like saving money call Geico auto insurance quote
a 15-minute call could save you 15%

or somebody in a family especially wouldn't somebody have a baby
automatically you want to do it in such a unique way but he seemed like he wanted to reveal in that special way so good for you good for you Bob team Bob
Oh Bob soap opera hey what is it
it's always desica why the only thing I need to cry besides I've got really great news you're leaving Jessica no it's always Jessica I just saved a load of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico auto insurance quote I saved I thought that meant something to you yeah cuts usually I go 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance 

so I noticed something just recently now every soap opera that there is there's always a Jessica it always seemed that Jessica is the one trying to get her whale Jessica always wins
Oh Susan or Debbie someone that no I don't I don't watch that many soap operas but the ones I do it's always Jessica it's always Jessica let's keep going I knew like jetting named it Debbie could switching this one has been on cycle child Dean percent or more on Geico auto insurance quote  like Maxwell he seems like he'd be a
really interesting friend to have I
probably go wee with him so to be honest like yeah don't lad annoying things Oh keep going caveman Airport I mean hipsters just look like this now saw beaten upside

so easy a caveman could do it also
referencing back to their cavemen
commercial they did he's afraid of his awesome breath so you want to be safe if you want to feel safe on the road especially check out Geico auto insurance quote because they
have really fantastic commercials and I love their commercials so much that I wanted to bring this these are some of the best what was one of your favorites I would love to know I would love to know but you know that caveman is proud of himself good for you caveman came far this is the first few commercials that you are on okay but all right guys

I hope that I have helped you with something and that you have enjoyed what you have read
Geico and Gecko is a comedy flavored success story. Learn about the details of geico auto insurance quote's success with her funny ads Geico and Gecko is a comedy flavored success story. Learn about the details of geico auto insurance quote's success with her funny ads Reviewed by A&m on December 25, 2019 Rating: 5
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